"I decided to try acupuncture after I had 3 consecutive miscarriages. I knew I was able to get pregnant easily but could not sustain a pregnancy after 8 weeks. I saw a specialist who said I was a candidate for IVF. He felt that because of my age (only 36 years old) and the quality of my eggs that the chances were not great. All my other tests were fine. I decided to try acupuncture first before going the IVF route. I found Vanessa and told her my history that I get pregnant easily but supposedly my egg quality was poor. She was so easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable that this could improve my egg quality. She explained to me how acupuncture could work to regulate different organs and systems. She felt my pulse and looked at my tongue and found an imbalance in my digestion.

I saw Vanessa twice a week for the first month. Right away she noticed a difference in my pulse and tongue. I too noticed that my digestion improved as well. After a month of acupuncture my husband and I decided to start trying to get pregnant again. Low and behold I got pregnant on the first try. I continued with acupuncture treatment while I was pregnant. Once I passed the 8-week mark I was thrilled that I was still pregnant! I stayed with acupuncture throughout my whole pregnancy. I am delighted to report I have a healthy 3-month old baby girl.I really do believe if it wasn't for Vanessa and her acupuncture techniques that I wouldn't have had a successful pregnancy. I plan on continuing to see Vanessa once I have some free time on my hands!"

E.E. Pearl River, NY